Everyday Opportunities

blog Jun 18, 2018

We are faced with opportunities almost every hour. Some are opportunities to work hard and to make our dreams come true. We also have opportunities that feel good in the moment.  These may include coming home and watching television, ordering a not so healthy meal or buying something that we really can’t afford. We know that we should not perform these activities, but it just feels so good. No matter who you are, you are faced with these competing opportunities every day, every hour and almost every minute. To compound things, it’s often how hard you try or how much you enjoy yourself.  Even though you are working, are you giving a full amount of effort or are you seeing what you can get away with?  Are you eating a whole pie or a tiny cookie?

How you handle these opportunities leads to the life you have. If you want an amazing life, you must exploit the opportunities that will lead you to your dreams and minimize the negative opportunities that will hurt...

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Who Are You Listening To?

blog May 31, 2018
We all have people in our lives and, no matter how strong you are, these people influence habits, routines, the way you think about what is possible and whether or not you can achieve your dreams.
Human beings are social creatures. Many of our decisions are based on the cues that we receive from other human beings. Many people like to think of themselves as independent thinkers. However, our habits and our routines are somewhat dictated by social cues and norms.
Oftentimes, the actions of others influence your behavior. If you have a client who usually runs 10 minutes late to a meeting, you are more likely to run late. If you go out with a buddy who orders dessert, you are more likely to do so. No matter how strong you are, we all take cues from the people around us.
To achieve amazing success, we need to start listening and getting our social cues from amazing people. When I grew up, I never knew any motivational speakers, thought leaders or writers. I only recognized that I...
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Are you exploiting little opportunities?

blog May 31, 2018
The Foundation of Success
One complaint that many people have is that there are not enough opportunities to create amazing success. People want to meet that one connection. They want to get discovered on a television show or in a coffee shop. The media celebrates these anomalies. However, there are opportunities around us almost every hour.
To be amazing or extraordinary, you have to first perform ordinary tasks over and over again until you become amazing. The media does not celebrate a person who just puts their head down and works. When you focus on your work, you generate results. When you generate results, people notice and say “wow, that person produced results, let me get on the bandwagon.” That is how a foundation for an amazing life is built. It is the combination of hundreds of little tasks executed over and over again until, or even after, you become amazing.
Don’t know where to begin?
  1. Be on time. When you are late, you are telling the other...
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The Emotions of Amazing Success

blog May 16, 2018

A rarely discussed aspect of amazing success is the emotional intensity that comes with being successful. Many people often don’t go after their dreams because they don’t want to go through the emotions of success. The bigger and more audacious your dreams are, the more intense the emotions. People assume that amazing success will make their lives easier and less stressful. In reality, every emotion that you feel gets more intense.

According to Tony Robbins, international speaker and leading thought leader, people take action to either avoid pain or to seek pleasure. However, part of success is taking a hard look at what is wrong and trying to fix it.

As soon as you decide that you want more out of life, you are instantly inviting in new limitations and new challenges. Those challenges come with new emotions. For example, if you decide to take a trip that will cost $5,000, you will instantly have a new $5,000 challenge on your hands. Either you have to save up, you have...

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Are Your Emotions Dictating Your Success?

blog May 16, 2018

Last week, I wrote a blog about the emotions of success. This week, I would like to give some practical applications.

 When we start something new, it’s exciting. We envision all the possibilities proclaiming that we are going to be rich, happy, sexier and we can’t wait until we achieve our goals. However, when that initial excitement wears down, we are left with the work.

 Dreaming about our goals is easier than actually working on our goals. Once we start working on our goals we invite fear, disappointment, frustration and other emotions into our life. If you are not feeling these emotions, then your goals are not big enough, and you need to dream bigger. Many people don’t go after their dreams because they are not willing to get hurt. Every goal is going to hurt you at some point or another.

 Imagine a football player who is unwilling to get hit or a track star who is unwilling to pull a muscle. Yet, there are countless people who aren’t...

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blog May 15, 2018

A huge part of amazing success is navigating challenges, limitations, problems and any obstacles that get in the way of your goals and your dreams.  This may include physical limitations or psychological barriers, such as fear.  As you move from one life level to the next, you carry limitations and other barriers.  Part of success is being able to navigate or deal with any obstacle that might get in your way.

In general, people don’t overcome their problems, because problems, like opportunities, change and evolve over time. Most problems or limitations have some psychological aspects attached, and these habits are etched into our psyche over time, and often from a very young age.

There are two categories of goals: finite goals and ongoing goals. An example of a finite goal is to win a championship, make a specified dollar amount in a certain month, get our kids through college or start a family.  Most goals are ongoing. Championship teams are not satisfied...

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Balancing Gratitude

blog May 07, 2018

It is important to have gratitude in your life because there are very few more humbling actions than being grateful.  When you are grateful, you have more strength and can deal with challenges in a positive way.  Living in positivity demonstrates that life isn’t so bad and gives you the strength to move forward.  Being grateful starts you from a place of service rather than a place of self-centeredness.

The most powerful words in this life are still “please” and “thank you.”  I’m grateful for the people in my world, for my team and that I’m not more disabled than I am.  Still, I have my moments when I don’t subscribe to my previous statement. Whenever I don’t, I’m not productive; I’m angry and I can’t live out my purpose. Another often overlooked benefit of heartfelt gratitude is that it actually feels amazing!

There are people who will walk into an immaculate room and point out that...

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Other People’s Habits

blog Apr 30, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take our basic raw talents and parlay them into extraordinary success?  I mean, it really does seem like a dream come true. Just imagine that. Your basic talents would be enough to get you the success that you desire.  The truth is that your basic talents are just that – your basic talents. Alone your basic raw talents will produce a low yield. To be successful you need more than your basic raw talent.

A critical factor to amazing success is your habits and your routines.  The better your habits and your routines, the more likely you are to accomplish your goals.  Raw talent and a smile will only get you so far. Your dreams require you to establish a set of habits and routines that will allow you to produce the results once, twice, ten, even hundreds of times.

Another critical factor is your ability to build and leverage a team of people with whom you can create amazing success.  In this case, you are dependent...

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Serving Everybody

blog Apr 17, 2018

It’s a question that is asked often and by many. It is the search to discover the purpose of our lives. We ask, “why am I here? What is my purpose?”

We search for the answer. And we search and we search. But the answer is around us daily. We see the answer in each other’s faces. We hear it in each other’s voices. We see it in each other’s eyes.

The answer is that our purpose is to serve those around us. Our purpose is to in some way improve the lives of other people. The better you can serve or help people the more valuable you are. The more valuable you are, the greater the impact you can have.

Your value is tied to your ability and your willingness to help other people. This can be helping people fulfill a need. It can be helping people fulfill a desire. Perhaps it is helping people through challenges. It could even be helping people experience life through entertainment, religion, spirituality, or fun. Or, perhaps you are providing a sense of...

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The Art of Learning

blog Apr 09, 2018

In order to become amazing, you must always learn. The more amazing a person is, the more they admit that there is much more to learn. If you don’t believe me just ask a fifteen-year-old how much they need to learn. They will tell you that they know everything. On the other hand, if you ask someone with a few more years under their belt, they will tell you that life is one big learning opportunity.

Learning can be divided into two parts. The first part is the process of learning. This involves the taking in of knowledge. It is the acquisition and absorption of information. It does not however, involve the internalization of this information. That occurs during the next phase of learning.

This, the second part of learning, is when one experiences internalizing the information. This is witnessed as one begins to implement what has been learned. Unfortunately, it is often the case that this part of learning just does not materialize. It may be due to laziness, fear, or some...

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