How To Think About New Year’s Resolutions

blog Jan 05, 2016

It is that time of year again, where some people make a list of everything they want to accomplish in the New Year. But there is a big problem with that; resolutions are based on the outcome, not the steps required to actually accomplish the goal. Having goals are great. Goals  are the first steps for success, but the creation of a process for actually achieving your goals is what you allow you to reach them in 2016. Every goal or dream has  actionable steps that need to be designed. These steps are critical to your success. The problem is these steps can be boring and even piss you off at times. In the beginning of the year we are all filled with excitement. Yeah I’m going to lose 10 pounds. Yeah I’m going over the counter viagra to save money. Yeah I’m going to eat better. Sometime in mid January you are doing well with your resolutions but you are starting to get bored with eating the same piece of chicken breast instead of French fries. Instead of...

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Winding Down – 2015

blog Dec 25, 2015

Sourena’s Take:

Last week’s topic was about winding down the yea We have been busy planning for the new year. I’m guessing my buddies love the new year because they own gyms and January is the best month.

I’m writing this after I got home with my wife and baby boy Tyler Christmas shopping. I often play hooky from work to help run errands, but I find that I’m more creative when I am out and about. But I digress. I find myself reflecting on what I really want in life and business and I am trying to not make the same mistakes that I did in the past. I am in constant communication with my partners to kick off the new year with abandon. I could wait until the second week of January to start the process, but why wait? For me, it’s a good time to get inspired and to plan without the constraints of a new year. I am still going to enjoy the holidays with my family, but in the meantime, I am going to continue the dialogue with my partners, meet with my...

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Uncategorized Dec 10, 2015

Some people create a false narrative in their mind about successful people. "They got lucky.” "They are snobbish." "They are an overnight success.” "It came easy for them.” "Who needs a Mercedes anyway?” But to create an amazing life you start by having amazing respect, not negativity, toward other people's success. If you want to become rich, powerful, or have an amazing life, you have to respect people who already are what you want to be. These people worked their tails off and sacrificed for their success. So to be successful your dreams have to go beyond what cars are in your neighbor’s driveway and focus on their process. Respect is a must.

This has always been one of the factors to my success. My dreams go way beyond what most people dismiss.

The way I have always gone after my dreams and my goals is by defining what experiences I want to have. Once they are clear to me I find people who have done similar feats. I respect them. I network with...

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Thanksgiving List

blog Nov 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Post:

I have not posted in a couple months and that will never happen again. I have been working on a project with my 2 partners Chris Stevenson and Marty Velasco. In the next couple months you will be hearing from us more and more. Marty will be blogging about Marketing, Chris will be blogging about Management and I will be talking about Mindset.

This year is a journey, both personally and professionally, I have been writing and thinking about what I want. What I want is quite simple, I want amazing experiences, so every year when I sit down to write this post, the post will be better and better every year. I believe that all people want is amazing experiences, but amazing experiences just don’t come to you, you have to go after it.

Here is a list of experiences that I am thankful for in 2015:

1. Watching my baby boy Tyler being born.
2. Speaking at amazing events.
3. Meeting and networking with Suzanne Evans and her team.
4. Speaking at “Be the Change”...

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Off to Orlando!

blog May 25, 2015

My partner Chris and I consulted with the incomparable Suzanne Evans and her amazing team. I have known about Suzanne for a couple of years and I even met her when I went to an event cohosted by her and my buddy Larry Winget back in 2013. One day last fall I listened to a Webinar that she shot with Larry. Both of them explain the different approaches for business. I was very aware about the way Larry approached business because I have been following him for over 10 years, consulted with him and even been to his house in Scottsdale.

What grabbed my attention was Suzanne’s approach to business and I was hooked. At the time Chris and I were gaining momentum but I wanted more, for those that know me that won’t be a big surprise. I literally had to convince Chris that we should do this and to shut me up he agreed.

We signed a contract with Suzanne and we are scheduled to speak next week at a big event called “Be the Change” in Orlando. We are also scheduled to...

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Why your missteps lead to millions

blog Apr 12, 2015

I know the feeling. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you know it too:

  The pressure to look perfect. To talk perfect. To be perfect.

 Feeling afraid? Don’t let it show.

  • Struggled for years before you turned the corner? Don’t let them know.
  • Did you hit bottom, when success felt like some distant planet? Don’t ever tell them.

 Well … what if I told you that’s the fastest path to crash and burn?

And what if I told you the key to more money you can imagine is to come clean. Well it is! And I want to show you how to make it happen!


That’s because my friend and colleague, the incomparable Suzanne Evans, has created a ground-breaking, absolutely FREE uncompromisingly honest World Premiere livestream. That shows you how all the things you’re trying to hide are the key to the business you’ve always wanted.

  Its called:


Make Your Mess Your Message: 

5 Simple Decisions to Turn...

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Two Part of Success

blog Mar 05, 2015

There are two parts of success. The first part is emotional, and the second part is the actionable process of getting there.

The first part is the dream, and the emotion attached to the dream.

We all have experiences that we want to live out, and we have unique reasons why we want to achieve our goals. We want to have unique experiences. We want freedom, fun. We want to travel. We want to help the people that we love. We want spiritual experiences. All we want is a great life.

A great life begins with wanting a great life. I know how that sounds. It sounds like a statement by a second grader, but it’s actually by a goofball who’s trying to live a great life. Every day I wonder what makes an amazing life amazing. Wanting it, I mean, really wanting it is a key, not the key, but the first key, to unlock the first of many doors. I spend a lot of time daydreaming of a great life.

Don’t get too excited. It’s not all about the dream, it’s about executing on...

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Things I happen To Think About (Part 2 of 2)

blog Feb 12, 2015

(The remaining issues that I’ve been thinking about in my life and in my business.)

4.     You are responsible for everything in life that affects your ability to become amazing, whether or not it’s your fault. One of my mantras is my disability is not my fault, but it’s my responsibility. I had absolutely nothing to do with my having a disability—it sucks…it really sucks—but I always had dreams, and I always knew that I had to fight for them.

5.     What you do professionally opens doors. I took two amazing trips in November. One to Seattle to watch the Seahawks beat the Giants and one to Vegas to celebrate my buddy Chris’ birthday party. I met Coach Carroll at USC when he agreed to endorse my first book, Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back. We became friends and when he received a coaching job in Seattle, I tried to make it a point of going up there once a year to see him. I root for the Seahawks because my...

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Things I Happen To Think About (Part 1 of 2)

blog Feb 05, 2015

January was a great month, but it was crazy. I had a baby, and I’m starting a new business venture with my buddy Chris Stevenson. I’m watching my son Andrew run amuck and just be a happy boy. I have a new office Manager, Jessica, who doesn’t know how neurotic I can be (but don’t tell her). I would also like to welcome Suzanne Evans who is going to be consulting me on my new business model.

Here are some issues that I have been really thinking about in my life and in my business. I have made so many mistakes in the past and want get this business venture (which I will talk about soon) right because it can mean a lot of money, a lot of fun and good times on the road with my buddy Chris Stevenson and my best friend Patrick.

1. Create an experience around what you do. If you have ever been to a professional sporting event, you know that it’s not what happens at the game or on the field or on the courts, it’s about the whole experience. Getting settled...

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How is Your New Year’s Resolution Going?

blog Feb 01, 2015

I get excited about my dreams…I can’t wait for them to come true. At the beginning of every year, people get excited about their dreams—they have a long list of things they want to do and they want to do them all at the same time. However, having your dreams and working on your dreams are two different activities, and should be separated.

Dreams and resolutions are exciting and fun to think about, but achieving them takes hard work, sacrifice and understanding the process of getting there. I have been a victim of this for years. I have been frustrated about where I was and would get excited about where I wanted to go, but the excitement only lasted a couple of days or weeks. No matter how exciting something is in the beginning, it becomes routine and monotonous. Even if it becomes boring, you have to execute. Here are my thoughts about why New Year’s resolutions die.

#1. Your friends and loved ones love you the way you are. Jim Rohn said that you are the...

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