Create Systems So You Can be Free

blog Apr 04, 2016

Here is a video that Chris shot on a trip to Orlando. My partners Chris Stevenson and Marty Velasco are great friends and we all like to travel and have a good time. A key to this has been creating systems that allow the business to run with or without us physically being there.

Thanks to business systems, Chris was able to go to Orlando for two weeks, one week to speak and the second week to spend with his family at Disneyworld. He was also able to leave his gym business for two weeks and travel to Maui with his family this past August. While on vacation, his gym in California still runs and he has opportunities to speak with and without me. He could not do this without creating business systems that allow him to work from anywhere around the world. He has a staff and systems in place so that his business can run even when he’s away. Marty just took half a week off to help his friend move to South Carolina. He also owns a gym...

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Communication lessons from a man who 'can't speak'

blog Mar 10, 2016

A debilitating condition has left Sourena Vasseghi with a severe speech impediment. But that hasn’t stopped him building a successful career as a motivational speaker.

Sourena Vasseghi has cerebral palsy, a condition that means he has limited motor skills, poor coordination and a severe speech impediment. But despite these challenges, Vasseghi has developed a successful career as an author and motivational speaker.

“I am the speaker who can’t speak and the writer who can’t write,” he said.

Shortly after graduating from business school in 2001, Vasseghi realised he had the skills to communicate with people and make a difference in their lives he was inspired to launch "" The Sourena V Group, an executive coaching and business development company.

A key element of the company’s business is the speaking double act that Vasseghi has forged with Chris Stevenson, a gym owner and executive coach. The pair work together,...

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Dealing with Limitations

blog Mar 01, 2016

Limitations exist but they only stop you if you let them! Check out this follow up video to Sourena's last blog about Peyton Manning and limitations! Tell us how you deal with your limitations via the Facebook Comments below.

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Know Your Limitations

blog Feb 23, 2016

The weekend before last Payton Manning won his second Super Bowl as a quarterback for his second team in the NFL, the Denver Broncos. The old Payton Manning would have won the game by throwing the ball down field and suffocating the Carolina defense. Yet he understands that he is limited by age and body performance. Armed with this knowledge, Manning opted to win the Super Bowl in a different way, relying on his defense rather than trying to be the hero of the game. He transformed into a game manager, not the prior gun-slinging hero. He trusted his team that helped get him to this Final Dance once again.

One issue that I have learned about limitations is that you can’t fight them; you have to work within them. I can’t fight my disability, and Payton can’t fight Father Time. As individuals, we need to understand our limitations, and learn to rely on your team to bring you to victory.

Last week, I had a quarterly meeting with my partners and two of my best buddies,...

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How to Achieve Your Goals

blog Jan 12, 2016

Last week, I gave you my thoughts on the problems with New Year’s resolutions. Now, I want to give you some techniques for achieving your goals:
Set very specific goals. The more specific goals you have, the easier it will be for you to create action steps to achieve them. Don’t get too rigid—you want your goals to have a chance to breathe, so don’t strangle them with restrictions. One of the the action steps that I am taking this year is to develop a target list of where I want to speak, but if I focus on only hitting my prospective list, then I might miss out on opportunities. The name of the game is commitment. Your goals take personal commitment, and the commitment of your resources. You must commit the time, energy, money, and other resources to achieve your goals.
Set a process. The process of achieving goals is important. Once you allocate your resources to your goals, you should determine your process of actually achieving them. Your goals need...

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How To Think About New Year’s Resolutions

blog Jan 05, 2016

It is that time of year again, where some people make a list of everything they want to accomplish in the New Year. But there is a big problem with that; resolutions are based on the outcome, not the steps required to actually accomplish the goal. Having goals are great. Goals  are the first steps for success, but the creation of a process for actually achieving your goals is what you allow you to reach them in 2016. Every goal or dream has  actionable steps that need to be designed. These steps are critical to your success. The problem is these steps can be boring and even piss you off at times. In the beginning of the year we are all filled with excitement. Yeah I’m going to lose 10 pounds. Yeah I’m going over the counter viagra to save money. Yeah I’m going to eat better. Sometime in mid January you are doing well with your resolutions but you are starting to get bored with eating the same piece of chicken breast instead of French fries. Instead of...

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Winding Down – 2015

blog Dec 25, 2015

Sourena’s Take:

Last week’s topic was about winding down the yea We have been busy planning for the new year. I’m guessing my buddies love the new year because they own gyms and January is the best month.

I’m writing this after I got home with my wife and baby boy Tyler Christmas shopping. I often play hooky from work to help run errands, but I find that I’m more creative when I am out and about. But I digress. I find myself reflecting on what I really want in life and business and I am trying to not make the same mistakes that I did in the past. I am in constant communication with my partners to kick off the new year with abandon. I could wait until the second week of January to start the process, but why wait? For me, it’s a good time to get inspired and to plan without the constraints of a new year. I am still going to enjoy the holidays with my family, but in the meantime, I am going to continue the dialogue with my partners, meet with my...

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Uncategorized Dec 10, 2015

Some people create a false narrative in their mind about successful people. "They got lucky.” "They are snobbish." "They are an overnight success.” "It came easy for them.” "Who needs a Mercedes anyway?” But to create an amazing life you start by having amazing respect, not negativity, toward other people's success. If you want to become rich, powerful, or have an amazing life, you have to respect people who already are what you want to be. These people worked their tails off and sacrificed for their success. So to be successful your dreams have to go beyond what cars are in your neighbor’s driveway and focus on their process. Respect is a must.

This has always been one of the factors to my success. My dreams go way beyond what most people dismiss.

The way I have always gone after my dreams and my goals is by defining what experiences I want to have. Once they are clear to me I find people who have done similar feats. I respect them. I network with...

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Thanksgiving List

blog Nov 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Post:

I have not posted in a couple months and that will never happen again. I have been working on a project with my 2 partners Chris Stevenson and Marty Velasco. In the next couple months you will be hearing from us more and more. Marty will be blogging about Marketing, Chris will be blogging about Management and I will be talking about Mindset.

This year is a journey, both personally and professionally, I have been writing and thinking about what I want. What I want is quite simple, I want amazing experiences, so every year when I sit down to write this post, the post will be better and better every year. I believe that all people want is amazing experiences, but amazing experiences just don’t come to you, you have to go after it.

Here is a list of experiences that I am thankful for in 2015:

1. Watching my baby boy Tyler being born.
2. Speaking at amazing events.
3. Meeting and networking with Suzanne Evans and her team.
4. Speaking at “Be the Change”...

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