blog Aug 05, 2010

Life has so many components, from going to school to being a successful professional, hanging out with friends in high school to creating a family, and playing with toys as a kid to taking vacations as an adult. (Well, I don’t think men actually ever give up the toys!) To fully appreciate all life has to offer, one must often endure stress and take care of the small stuff.

If one wants to build a brick house, he or she has to lay each brick carefully and make sure there are no mistakes. It is both looking at each brick and looking at the totality of the house, not to mention everything in between. A successful marriage is not about taking off to Paris, it’s about first making sure that both partners are communicating and getting their needs met. Being a good parent is not about buying a child the latest and greatest toy, it’s about instilling good values, ensuring that their children are on the right path to becoming contributing members of society (and sometimes...

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blog Jul 27, 2010

Welcome to Random Thoughts from the Chair. I have been planning to start this blog for longer than I would like to admit. Part of my procrastination was because I was afraid of not having enough to say, but since I speak for a living, I don’t think that was the reason. Well, I have finally stopped making excuses and plan to post at least once a week. (If I don’t do that, I want you to email me!) I’d also love you to comment and start a dialogue with other readers and me. I want to entertain you, make you think, invite you to my unique world, and most importantly, share with you the things that I think make life beautiful.

So, why should you care what I think and say?

Well, I am a 32-year-old man with severe cerebral palsy. I need help with almost everything ranging from getting ready in the morning to eating to even writing this blog. Despite this, I can honestly say that I love life. I love life, but my notion of loving life is not typical. It’s not going...

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