Earning Success

blog Dec 12, 2013

As I end the year, I am studying the behavior of people. My new book Big Dreams Take Small Sacrifices is 98% done and I am excited. What I am seeing with people is that people want to be successful but they don’t want to earn it. I have a very comfortable life and I don’t have to work if I don’t want to but what drives me is I want more. Does that make me greedy? Maybe. But frankly, I want more. One day soon, I would like to pack my buddies into a car and take them for a $2000 night out on the town. The problem is that people don’t want to sacrifice for their dream. I believe a sacrifice is a payment in advance for a dream.

Because of my disability, there are some sacrifices that I have to make that no other people have to make. And for years, it irritated me down to my core. But one thing I always knew but recently realized was the fact that who cares what sacrifices other people make. The only question in my mind should be am I willing to pay for my dreams,...

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Thanksgiving 2013

blog Nov 26, 2013

Every year since I started blogging for Pete Carroll at USC and then started my own blog back in 2010, I have always done a Thanksgiving post.

This year has been the best year of my life.  I feel that I am more focused and now I get to look at my baby boy every day. These are the few things I am thankful for:

  • My wife Leslie who is a wonderful mom and wife.
  • My parents
  • My sister, Sanaz
  • My brand new brother-in-law, Nathan who married Sanaz
  • My best friend and partner in crime, Patrick Saylor
  • More clarity
  • My new speaking partners, Chris Stevenson and Greg Spaulding
  • My former manager, Kristi Walter who left me in July for a better job. And by the way, three years is enough of me!
  • My new manager Linda Werner who is awesome and I am not just saying that because she’s typing the blog.
  • My web designer, Dave Waite who took 100 emails and turned them into something amazing.
  • The nurse and the doctor who brought baby Andrew into the world.
  • My home.
  • Larry Winget and Joe Calloway who...
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Admitting I’m an Idiot

blog Nov 14, 2013

Sometime around 2009 I came up with a slogan, “big dreams takes big sacrifices.” I made postcards and I liked this slogan so much that I told myself, what the heck, I should write a book by the same name. In the first quarter of 2010, I started writing my book. At the time I wrote half of the book, my family was struck with dumb luck which allowed me to take a three year writing sabbatical. I travelled, bought a house, met my beautiful wife and throughout my journey, I often thought about what the second leg of my career would look like.

One day in 2011 I started writing an article that turned into my autobiography and decided that I was going to publish that when I finished my sabbatical.

On November 10th of last year, my wife Leslie told me that she was pregnant with our first son, Andrew. I decided that my sabbatical had to come to an end. I wanted to show baby Andrew that his dad could do something extraordinary. I always saw my work as a vehicle for me to be a...

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Professional Track and Big Dreams

blog Oct 31, 2013

This year has been the biggest year of my life, professionally and personally. I’m having the time of my life holding my baby boy. Last week, my new speaking partner, Chris Stevenson and I, gave our first full-length speech at USC and it felt incredible!!!!!

The first half of this year I was planning to publish my autobiography. Then, one day while I was working out at Chris’s gym with my trainer Larry, I had an epiphany that I should publish another self-help book before I publish my autobiography. I already had some chapters of a self-help book that I started back in 2010.

That weekend I flew to a seminar in Dallas for a conference. I got back and started writing and I couldn’t stop. Six weeks later, I finished a draft. The book was called Big Dreams Takes Small Sacrifices. What is so special about my book is that all the advice I outline in it is the same advice I wish someone would have given me when I graduated college.

I made many mistakes on the first leg of...

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Creating Fans

blog Jul 31, 2013

My life is about to change…in the best way possible. I often wondered if I would ever have a child, and now–on July 8th–baby Andrew is due to come into the world…

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Upside Down

blog Jul 31, 2013

My life is about to change…in the best way possible. I often wondered if I would ever have a child, and now–on July 8th–baby Andrew is due to come into the world…

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Calmly Anxious

blog Jul 31, 2013

My life is about to change…in the best way possible. I often wondered if I would ever have a child, and now–on July 8th–baby Andrew is due to come into the world…

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My Big Toy

blog Jul 31, 2013

This year has been the biggest year of my life. My biggest dream of having a family with a baby boy came true.

There are many frustrations associated with being a disabled father. I probably can’t pick up my baby until he’s six months or older. Despite all my frustrations, I am really, really happy.

One way I deal with my frustrations is through my work. I have always found an escape in my work. It makes me feel more connected, less disabled, and even more human. My work is one big toy for me. It’s gratifying, exciting and I love it!

Where this attitude has created trouble for me in the past, is that there are aspects of my business that are down right not fun. Everything great in life has bad parts. Even if you want to go to a tropical paradise like Hawaii or the Bahamas, you probably have to get on a plane and go through TSA—unless you have money to take a private jet. In that case, can we be friends?

No matter how great something is, you have to accept the...

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Three Years Blogging: Lessons Learned

blog Jul 18, 2013

It’s been three years since I started a blog, and there is no way that I could have predicted how my life would be right now.

When I started, I had been wanting to start a blog for about a year, but never took the leap. I was afraid that I would run out of things to say, but committed to it. It really helped that my new manager Kristi was a writer and bugged me to write a blog. So, I started to write something every week until about a year ago, when I decided to change my commitment to writing a post every other week.

When I started this blog, I was living at my parents’ house wondering if I would ever have a family. Now I live with my wife Leslie and our son Andrew; the irony is, my parents are going to come stay with me for two months while they renovate their house. This blog has taught me about myself, challenging me to take even more responsibility for my life, and just two months ago, it taught me to publish another self-help book instead of my autobiography.


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Big Dreams

blog Jul 12, 2013

I am writing this on July 1st because I have no idea where I will be when this blog post goes up. I could be holding my newborn son, etc. I wanted to write this because I’m keeping my commitment to blog every other week.

Besides expecting my baby boy, I have been on a creative tear. I wrote a blog post at the end of May about creating fans. At the time, I was putting the final touches on my autobiography.  I had also been working on a book called Big Dreams Take Small Sacrifices. One day while working on it, I had an epiphany. If I want to really push the speaking and the writing, I need to create fans before I publish my autobiography, A Search for an Ordinary Life.

On the heels of a Dallas trip, I called my manager and told her that I was now thinking of publishing Big Dreams first. I ruminated over the idea for the weekend until I got back into the office on Tuesday. I was even asked at the conference what my new book was about, and without thinking, I said big dreams....

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